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Why SERVPRO Testimonials

SERVPRO is your team when the unexpected event rains on your parade. When it strikes, it is less stressful when you have a plan and that plan is calling SERVPRO.

I can not say enough good things about this company. A couple times each year my company uses their services. In all of my experiences I am able to make 1 phone call and SERVPRO handles everything from that point on till I need to pay them.

The service I always receive is 2nd to none and as effortless as possible for me. These guys take care of my customers when called upon and make my company look good at the same time.

Lynzie introduced me to SERVPRO in 2022, she stopped in and left some information about SERVPRO and the services they provide.

Shortly thereafter Lynzie followed up with a phone call and set an appointment to come in and meet to further discuss the services that can be provided if needed.

Lynzie set us up with an app on our phones that we have entered all the important contacts and other important information we would need in the event there was an emergency at the school.

Lynzie was very knowledgeable of the services that are offered by SERVPRO and was also very professional and personable at all times whether we met in person or spoke on the phone.

I would highly recommend SERVPRO to other businesses.